New product roadside stone grinding and angle polishing machine

Laizhou Sanfa Machinery Co., Ltd. (formerly Laizhou Shanfa Stone Machinery Co., Ltd.) has developed a new product, LYM400 type kerbstone grinding and chamfering machinery, which is mainly used for grinding, polishing and chamfering of kerbstones. The equipment has a reasonable structure, stable performance and advanced control system. PLC control is suitable for grinding and polishing the plane and sides of the kerbstone.PLC control is used and a text display is provided to realize intelligent control.The equipment has twelve grinding heads, of which six grinding heads grind the front of the kerbstone, and the other six grinding heads are on the top of the kerbstone, and the grinding and polishing are very uniform.The cutting head with the leading chamfer has good cutting quality.

1. The equipment adopts an advanced grinding head device, which has the advantages of long life, low failure rate, high efficiency, low grinding loss, and non-fragile plates.

2. The conveyor belt adopts famous brand products, has uniform thickness and has a guide device to ensure that the thickness and width of the product are basically the same.

3. The use of saw blade cutting realizes the chamfering function of roadside stones.

4. The operation of the two conveyor belts can be adjusted by frequency converter, and variable speed control can be implemented. This equipment has the characteristics of low power consumption, low cost of use, high grinding and polishing efficiency, easy operation and simple maintenance.

Manufacturers of kerbstone processing are welcome to visit and guide. The equipment is very convenient to carry and can be operated on a mobile basis.