Chinese Stone Machinery Equipment Goes into the “Neolithic” Age

At the annual Nan'an Shuitou International Stone Fair in Fujian, beautiful, polished stone products can always attract countless attention, but fewer people will notice the “smart hand” to create wedding dresses for them. - Stone machinery and equipment. From mine cutting to block cutting, from profiled processing to polished grinding, the birth of all the fine stones has to go through a variety of different processes.

It can be said that without stone machinery and equipment, there is no such stone decoration boutique into millions of households. "For workers to do good things, they must first sharpen their tools."

The Nantou Shuitou Stone Fair in 2014 attracted a number of leading enterprises in stone equipment. They not only represented the overall strength of stone equipment in Fujian, but also represented the current stone equipment in China. The best level.