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Technical requirements for assembly of stone machinery products

To ensure the quality of the assembly of stone machinery products, we must operate in accordance with the provisions of the various stone machinery product assembly technology requirements. Although t

To ensure the quality of the assembly of stone machinery products, we must operate in accordance with the provisions of the various stone machinery product assembly technology requirements. Although the technical requirements for assembly of different stone machinery products are not the same, there are many work points in the assembly process that must comply with the contract.

1. Clean up and clean the parts. The cleaning work includes the removal of residual foundry sand, rust, and chips. In particular, some important parts and components, such as large gantry cutting machines, should be coated with anti-rust paint. Oil, rust, or attached chips on parts can be cleaned with diesel, kerosene, or gasoline as a wash solution and then blown dry with compressed air.

2, the matching surface before the fit or connection, generally need to add lubricant. Especially in the bearing part of the headstock part, the screw nut part of the lifting mechanism.

3, matching the size of parts to be accurate, when assembling the size of the match should be recheck or sampling. For example: the spindle's journal and bearing fits, the hole in the spindle box and the bearing, and its center distance.

4. The assembly of the wheel requires that the axis line of the two teeth must be in the same plane and be parallel to each other. It should be ensured that there is a normal tooth gap, and the axial misalignment is less than or equal to 2 mm.

5. The jointed surface of the joint should be inspected for smoothness and deformation. Otherwise, it should be trimmed to remove burrs and ensure that the joint surface is tight, flat and free of skew.

6, seals should be pressed into the seal groove in parallel, can not be distorted, damaged scratch seal surface.

7. The assembly requirements of the pulleys are that the axes of the two pulleys must be parallel, and the center of the wheel grooves should be positive. The deflection of the pulleys will cause the tension of the pulleys to be uneven, resulting in belt slippage and accelerated wear. At the same time, the V-belt should be fitted before assembly and the length should be consistent to prevent vibration in the drive.

8, before the assembly of the bearing should be cleaned, wash after the anti-rust paint can be assembled; cleaning should pay attention to check the raceway and rolling elements with or without rust, rotation is flexible; bearing assembly should be coated with a layer of lubricant on the surface of the assembly, assembly When the pressure is found to be too different, the assembly should be stopped for inspection; when the bearing is assembled, one end of the model should face inwards, depending on the direction of the shoulder; the size, direction, and position of the forcing should be appropriate when the bearing is mounted. The raceway should not be The rolling elements are subjected to force and should be evenly and symmetrically beaten. Do not bang and ensure that the end face is perpendicular to the axis and prevent the installation from tilting.

9. Threaded connection should use anti-loosening device, according to the actual situation and design requirements, use the following commonly used anti-loosening device; double nut anti-loose; spring washer loose; cotter pin anti-loose; stop washer anti-loose round nut and flower mat anti-loose Symmetrical multiple bolt tightening methods shall be tightened gradually in symmetrical order, and the bar-shaped connecting pieces shall be gradually and symmetrically tightened from the middle to the two directions. The tail of the bolted rib should protrude from the nut.

10, to do edge inspection.

11. Do a good job of pre-trip inspection. For example: check the integrity of the assembly work, the accuracy and reliability of the connection parts, the flexibility of the movement of moving parts, the normality of the lubrication system.

12. Do a good job of monitoring the startup process. After the machine is started, it should immediately observe whether the main operating parameters and the moving parts are moving normally. The main operating parameters include the speed of the movement, the smoothness of the movement, the rotation of the spindle, the sum of the lubricating oil pressure, temperature, vibration and noise. Only when the sports indicators in the start-up phase are normal and stable, can they be commissioned.

13, according to the acceptance conditions of various stone machinery products for trial operation, testing related items. For example: adjustment and testing of the speed and stroke of the cutting tool, stroke adjustment of the lifting movement, testing of the spindle rotation accuracy, etc.